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USB & IEEE 1394 Connectors

USB 3.1 Type "C"

Thanks to the new USB 3.1 type "C" specification, it was possible for the first time to develop connectors that can be plugged in any direction -upside / downside. The connectors correspond to the trend to smaller, thinner and lighter designs. The THT, THR, SMT and Hybrid THR / SMT versions offered by E-tec now meet the USB 3.1 Type "C" requirements at 10 GBit/s. If you still need to save on height, an "Embedded" version is available.

USB 3.0 Type "A" single port and dual port

The E-tec USB 3.0 type "A" single and dual port connectors are backward-compliant to USB 2.0 through five additional contacts. The connectors are designed for a high data transfer rate of up to 4.8 Gbps, 10 times faster than USB 2.0. They are therefore ideally suited for data transmission with e.g. PDA, MP3/MP4 players and other digital devices. They allow simultaneous "download" and "upload" data transfer, simultaneous and fast charging of multiple devices at high power.

USB 3.0 type "A" in Through-hole soldering technology as

  • "single port" horizontal
  • "dual port" horizontal

USB 3.0 cable

USB 3.0 cable we offer ready-made but also customer-specific. Already prefabricated cables are currently available

  • Plug Type "A" to Plug Type "A"
  • Plug Type "A" to Plug Type "B"
  • Plug Type "A" to Socket Type "A"

USB 1.x/2.0 Type "A" single port "standard version"

Single port as "side- (right angle), top- and vertical entry". In Through-hole soldering and SM technology as well as in low profile design. The versions "single port right angle solder tail" and "single port vertical solder tail" are completely shielded, all others are not on the back side. NEW is a USB type "A" with front grounding latch.

USB Type B "standard version"

"Side- and top entry". Through-hole soldering and SM technology. The Through-hole soldering version also in low profile. The SMT side entry also called "2.0 Type". All versions completely shielded.

USB Type A & B "mini version"

Only "side entry" in SMT. The "B" version also as a 5-pin 2.0 type. All versions completely shielded.

USB 2.0 Type A+B "micro version"

SMT version of the 5-contact USB 2.0 version "A" and "B" in one housing, completely shielded.

USB Type B "micro version"

Three different "side entry" SMT versions of the 5-contact version "B", completely shielded, as well as a waterproof (IP67-protected) version.

USB 1.x/2.0 Type "A" multi port

Dual port as "side and top entry", "triple port" only "side entry". The USB / RJ45 combo multi port with two times USB Type "A" and RJ45 with LEDs. All versions completely shielded.

USB 1.x/2.0 Type "A" standard version SMT plug

The application area of this standard USB type "A" SMT plug is actually the USB stick. However, the design is not limited.

USB 1.x/2.0 Type "B" mini version SMT plug

The application area of this mini USB type "B" SMT plug is mainly the camera and mobile phone (cell phone) area. However, there are no limits to your design.

USB 1.x/2.0 Type "B" mini version "self assembly" plug

This USB mini type "B" 5-pin "self assembly" plug, solder a cable to your wish

IEEE 1394 "standard version" - 6-contact type -

Areas of application for these "standard" IEEE 1394 connectors are, among other things, PC's, mass storage, DVD burner, hard disks, but also audio interfaces.

IEEE 1394 "mini version" - 4-contact type -

Areas of application for these "mini" IEEE 1394 connectors include cameras, DV camcorders, but also audio interfaces.

USB 1.x/2.0 & IEEE 1394 cable

Prefabricated cables in different lengths and in different plug combinations. Of course, we also manufacture cables according to your specifications.